Tim Healey Design
Game and Level Design
Contact email:  tim@tim-healey.com

Office Mayhem


 Office Mayhem was made in Unity with a team of 10 people in the span of 28 weeks.  I was the level designer for the team.

Speed Scoop

Speed Scoop was made in Unity with a team of 4 people over the course of 12 weeks.  I was the lead designer and producer for the team.

Silo - Unreal Tournament 

Silo is an Unreal Tournament level designed for up to 8 players and  inspired by the Team Fortress 2 map, 2Fort.  This level was made over the course of 14 weeks and I was the sole designer on the level.

Design Reel

Here is my design reel showing my role in Office Mayhem and my level for Unreal Tournament called Silo