Office Mayhem Blog Post 10 -

This week we tested the finial set of levels.  We found that players really liked the smaller levels, over the larger layouts.  So this lead me to starting reworking levels 4 and 5 of this set of levels to be smaller to focus on this feedback.  For these levels I took the layouts that I had before and remade them within smaller offices.  I plan on testing these levels at QA this week to see what players think of them and make any changes that are needed.  Overall the levels are finished and now I am just working on the win screen and any other small changes that need to be made to the game. 


Speed Scoop Postmortem

Now that the semester is over I have some time to reflect on my personal progress and experiences of this project.  Over the course of the semester this project really helped me grow as both a designer and as a team leader.  This project has helped me grow as a designer for a few reasons.  The first reason being that I was the only designer on the team, I had to be responsible for all of the design aspects of the game, and this forced me to become more comfortable with systems design, which is not my strongest area of design.  But by being forced to have to do systems design, allowed me to gain a better understanding of my own personal workflow for creating concepts and prototyping new systems.  This has helped me grow as a design and round out my skills in each of the different types of design.  Also this project really helped me grow as a leader and producer for my team.  So for this project we did not have a producer on the team, so the team was made up of one designer, one programmer, and two artists.  This meant that someone had to step up into this role while also maintaining their current role in the team.  I chose to step up into this role for the team.  By stepping up into this role as producer I learned a lot about how to manage a small team and how to plan and place the development of our game.  In this role it took me several weeks to really find a style of management that worked for both me and the team.  I think that by taking so long to find a management style was one of the reasons that we were not able to get all of the features into our game by the end of the semester.  But even with this setback I really learned a lot about the challenges of being a producer for a game development team.  One of the biggest thing that I learned is that controlling the pace of development is really key because of the short amount of time we had to reach our goals.  Throughout the project I kept finding myself having to adjust the amount and scale of the tasks for each weekly sprint.  This really helped me understand the importance and necessity of having a flexible production timeline and helped teach me what features need to be cut and when in the best time to make the call on the feature.  Overall this project really helped me understand the importance of everything that we have been taught and how to be flexible to the challenges of development.