Office Mayhem Blog Post 10 - 

This week we tested the finial set of levels.  We found that players really liked the smaller levels, over the larger layouts.  So this lead me to starting reworking levels 4 and 5 of this set of levels to be smaller to focus on this feedback.  For these levels I took the layouts that I had before and remade them within smaller offices.  I plan on testing these levels at QA this week to see what players think of them and make any changes that are needed.  Overall the levels are finished and now I am just working on the win screen and any other small changes that need to be made to the game. 

Office Mayhem Blog Post 9 - 

This week I was able to finish the last two levels for the finial set of 5 levels.  The only thing that is left to do is to finish adding the detail to level_1_3's outside area and to finish the win screen.  For the win screen I have added the objects that I want to use for the different podium levels, and I have a rough idea of where I would like them to be on the wall.  Also this week I tweaked the QA feedback survey so that I can collect more concrete data about the levels and what players think of them.  For next week I want to finish the win screen and make any small tweaks to the levels, but overall the level design part of this project is done for now.

Office Mayhem Blog Post 8 - 

This week I was able to finish levels 6 through 10 and have the levels tested at the QA lab.  I created these levels to be similar to levels 1 through 5 in the layout of the walls, but I also wanted these levels to force the more experienced players to need to change their tactics and strategy for each level.  During QA testing I was able to collect feedback data from testers as well as watching the tester play through the levels.  The data that I was able to collect was helpful because I could see what levels the players liked and which levels they had trouble with or found areas that allowed one player to get an unfair advantage.  One area that I found was an issue was on level_3_2, where there was a plant right next to a bathroom door.  This allowed players to be able water the plant without other players having a chance to steal the trash can from them.  I fixed this issue by moving the plant toward the center of the office along one of the hallways.  The other piece of data that I was able to collect from testing was being able to watch players as they played.  This was helpful for me because I could see the areas that players were using as well as how they moved through the space.  Being able to watch the tester play through the levels was really helpful for me because seeing how other move through the level is helpful for me when I go to make the next batch of five levels.  Overall this week was really helpful for me in terms of level design feedback.  For next week I want to finish the last set of five levels, levels 11 through 15, so that I can just focus on testing and polish and maybe if I have enough time I would like to try and make a quickplay or 2v2 level with the potential of adding those game modes to the game.

Office Mayhem Blog Post 7 - 

This week I spent my time on polishing the levels in preparation for bring the game to PAX East 2017.  This week I worked on finishing the darkness on the edges of the levels.  I also makes some small fixes to the locations of plants in 3rd and 4th levels.  I made this change based on the feedback from QA testing and testing with the team.  Also I was able to attend PAX and see some of the responses to Office Mayhem.  From what I saw, Office Mayhem was a great hit with those that played it.  Also the team was able to talk with a publisher that is interested in Office Mayhem.  This was a big moment for me because it shows that there is value in this game and that all of our hard work is paying off.  Next week I want to finish creating new levels so that there is a total of 15 levels in the game.  I also want to work with Ty so that we can start having players test these levels and give us data on how they play.  Also the team wants to talk about the potential of publishing the game at the end of the year, and the challenges that this could create.  Overall this week was a really successful week for the team and I

Office Mayhem Blog Post 6 -

This week I started working on creating more levels for each stage of task introduction.  Our plan going forward in terms of level design is to design two or three levels for each of the stages of tasks so that there is variation while replaying the game.  So this week I made the first variation for the for starting stage.  The starting stage is the stage that the player will start at, where it is only the basic tasks available to the players.  Also this week the team found out that our game will be shown at Champlain College booth at PAX East this year.  This is a great opportunity for the team to be able to show off our work to other members in the industry and outside of it.  Also this week we were able to start testing the five current levels at the QA lab. Next week I plan on reviewing the feedback from the QA lab and making changes to the levels based off of it.  Also I want to start making more of the level variants next week.

Office Mayhem Blog Post 5 -

This week I created level 5 and helped the rest of the design team design the framework for the accolades system and start creating a master list of accolades and what objects/actions they are tied to.  For creating level 5 I wanted to iterate on the idea of the center "hallway" in level 4 and also experiment with how adding a second elevator to the level will effect gameplay.  To iterate on the hall idea I chose to increase it's width from level 4 and add short walls to the center outer walls.  I hope to have this level added into the lineup of level to be tested at the QA Lab this Saturday.  With the other designers on the team, we worked together to create a framework for distributing out accolades to the players at the end of each level.  The accolades are small achievements that can be accomplished each level by doing different things in the level, like breaking the most objects or stealing the most from other players.  These accolades are designed to reward the other players that did not win and to help show off some of the cool things that happened in game.  The framework that we came up with was to have each of the accolades be weighted and designed so that only one player can achieve any of the accolades per level.  Also there with a limit of 5 accolades given on each level, with the top 5 heaviest weighted accolades being chosen.  This allows players to earn multiple accolades per level for an outstanding performance.  These accolades will be shown in the break room with physical objects for the players to toss around and play with.  We hope that these accolades will add value to the break rooms and encourage players to explore different styles of play to see all of the different accolades in the game.


Office Mayhem Blog Post 4 -

This week I completed level 4 for the game.  Level 4 is similar to level 3 were level 3 has a center hallway for things to be shot out of the elevator.  In level 4 the hall way is much longer and the walls on either side breaks up the space so that the players will have to walk around to the main hallway to collect items.  I think that this level will be very interesting to players once some of the later task items are added later in the semester. Next week I want to start on level 5 and I want to add the new models into the levels that have already been created.

Office Mayhem Blog Post 3 -

This week I Finished adding the last of the desks, paper, and outboxes to the Monday level.  This allowed the to enter the testing rotation when the team brings the game to the QA labs.  From the current testing, it seams that the tester are liking the level but the level looks very similar to the original level.  So since the tester's are finding the two levels very similar, I think that I am going to try and go back to the level and make some tweaks if there is time left in the semester.  Also this week I started and finished the third level.  One of the things that I experimented with was adding more walls to create smaller levels within one level.  With this level I wanted see how creating smaller spaces worked with the style of game that we are making.  For next week I need to make some changes to the Monday level because there are a few spots in the level where paper can get stuck.  Also next week I want to start making level 4.


Office Mayhem Blog Post 2 -

This week I spent most of my time working on making a new scene in Unity to use to test level concepts.  This scene will allow me to be able to test new ideas for future levels with out changing any of the current levels.  Also I spent time organizing the assets in the scene into holder objects so that the scene is cleaner and I can have reference objects to use to make new levels going forward.  I also started to build out the walls and some of the basic desk layouts for the office.  Going forward into next week I wan to finish adding the desks and other basic assets to the Monday level and add any of the stage one task items to the level, once the other designers have finished the list.


Office Mayhem Blog Post 1 -

This week was mostly spent having meetings with the design team to create the master task list.  Richard, Jeremy, and I had several meetings to look at the current four tasks to see if they still work with the four new categories of tasks.  The new types of tasks that we are planning on adding to the game are  interruptibles, group tasks, group interruptibles, and collection tasks along with the normal tasks that are already in the game.    Since we have finished the master task list we are able start working on some of the other aspects of design this next week.  For me, next week I am going to start sketching out some level concepts and also start blocking levels out in engine so we can start testing them as soon as possible.  The images below show some of the concepts and tasks that we came up with at our meetings.

Here is the master task list and the assets needed for each of the tasks.

Here is the master task list and the assets needed for each of the tasks.

Here is the tasks broken down by type and stage that the task will be introduced to the player.

Here is the tasks broken down by type and stage that the task will be introduced to the player.